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intuitive tarot card readings

Intuitive Card Readings

After years of being drawn to studying metaphysical and spiritual topics such as astrology, crystals, tarot, and more. Since I was a kid, I've had unexplainable experiences, but I kept most of those to myself. In 2018, I finally decided to just be myself and open up about my interests and abilities. Shortly after, I had an incredible experience that took trusting my intuition onto a whole new level and by doing so it has allowed me to help hundreds of individuals find clarity and validation with situations in their lives.


What is an intuitive card reading? 

An intuitive card reading is where I use cards to help provide clarity for a question you may have in your life. I pull 10 cards and give explanations of each card along with any intuitive messages/feelings/vibes that may come through. 

What if I'm really nervous and have heard bad things about tarot?

I totally understand those feelings. I always look at it as crystals are God-made and found in the earth. Just as the stars above used in astrology were too. Tarot and oracle cards are just pieces of paper that tell a story so when you shuffle I ask that God/ the loving universe help me determine how that story relates to you. I, also, ask that love and light protect me and only the highest of good is welcome in everything I do. 


 Is there anything I should do prior to our appointment to prepare myself?

If you're familiar with meditation you can always meditate beforehand, but I

mostly ask that you come with an open mind. 

How accurate are your readings?

Many people have asked me how accurate my readings are, and I always

answer I honestly don't know.  I say that the only person that can validate my accuracy is the person I'm reading for. Many of my customers have said that I am very accurate.

What is the format of a reading? How does it start etc.?

I do everything virtually, especially during the age of covid, so I will contact my clients via video call (usually through Facebook messenger or zoom) at the time of our scheduled appointment. I explain how the process works for me, I do not want to know what the client is asking until after the reading, but I ask that they focus on their question, and then start the reading. 

How do I book an appointment with you?

Please click on the "Book an Appointment" button at the top of the page to view my availability. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

How far apart from one reading to another should a person wait?

There's really no designated amount of time you have to wait between readings. I've had client book with me ever quarter or twice a year, and I've had others book with me weekly. However, I would recommend that if you do decide to have another reading closely following your first that you either ask for further clarification or about a different situation altogether.

Is it better to go into a reading with a particular question or issue, or is it more insightful to just see what message the cards hold for you at that specific time?

I recommend having a particular question in mind but recommend being open-minded. There have been several occasions that the question asked may not be the question answered.  That doesn't mean a lack of accuracy. In my experience, it typically means that there is a more important circumstances needing to be clarified. 

What kind of answers can I expect to receive? Will they be specific or are they more like a guide?

Though the process is the same for everyone, the answers can differ from reading to reading. It is more like a guide. The reading is a way to hopefully give you some clarity or validation for a situation or question you have. It isn't an end all be all to that situation. Remember, nothing is set in stone, and you have the free will necessary to make any changes. 

I live in another state/country, can you do a long-distance reading?

Yes! Even though I'm in Tennessee, I've read for clients all over the country and even internationally. My accuracy is still the same. If for some reason I do not have any availability that will work for you please feel free to contact me as I will try to do my best to accommodate if I can.

Can you really predict the future?

I do not guarantee that I can predict the future, but I have had several clients come back later and let me know that I was accurate with upcoming expectations I shared.

I've lost a loved one, are you able to connect with them? 

Though I have had situations that have allowed for messages that I would otherwise not know come through from loved ones, I do not guarantee that I'm able to connect with a specific person during your reading. I want to provide the most authentic information that comes through and I don't want anyone to get their hopes up if grandma doesn't come through.  

How much does it cost?

$50 for a 10 card reading (25 mins)

*For legal purposes, this is for entertainment purposes only. I only read to possibly help provide clarity or validation about a situation in your life. I am not a legal or medical professional and I do/can not provide legal/medical advice.*

intuitive tarot card reader
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