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6 Simple Steps for Finding Your True Purpose

If you feel like you have yet to find your true life's purpose yet, don't worry, you're not alone. It doesn't mean a failing in life. It merely says that you've been busy taking care of other important things like surviving the ins and outs of life, work, and family. Just like cultivating your inner creative, finding your true purpose in life is going to take some time and reflection. It was only a few years ago before I realized that sharing this journey and helping others is was where I'm supposed to be, and I'm almost 40!

Here are six simple steps that you can start to take today to help you find your true life's purpose. Read through these and then comment below some of your interests and some of the things you may try while finding your true purpose.

Pay Attention to What Interests You

For me, I never imagined that what I'm doing now would be my life's purpose. When I was a child, I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up. Whether I was just playing around in makeup or fascinated by all the different astrology signs, when I was younger, I didn't know it could turn into what it is today. What does that look like for you? Do you enjoy watching a lot of science fiction movies? Do you find yourself doodling during downtime and at meetings? Do you make up silly songs when you're doing mundane things like laundry or dishes? Whatever it is, you’re drawn to it, which means that you have a natural interest in that activity. Take some time to dig a little deeper.

Look into the Past

Sometimes when I tell my story about how I became a makeup artist or how I got started in astrology, card readings, etc. I mention that it all just kinda fell in my lap, and to an extent, the opportunities fell in my lap, and I said yes, but when I think about it and really look at my past, my interests for those topics go as far back as my childhood. Consider what you enjoyed doing when you were younger. Think about what it is that you did for fun and entertainment. Try to remember what made you curious and what you imagined doing in the future. Try to remember as much as you can. Write them down and see what still holds your attention.

Don’t Worry Too Much About the Future

What I've found with all the strides I've made in my life, the more I trust that it's going to work in my favor the better it tends to work in my favor. Always worrying that you won't find that one thing that will make you happy and fulfilled is only going to hinder you. You must choose peace with where you are now, and instead, need to focus on the present. Focus on what you are currently doing and what you are feeling drawn towards and explore what you like. If you pressure yourself too much, you'll end up not liking anything, and then you'll feel even more frustrated cause it's not working how you expect.

Try New Things

If I had never tried spfx makeup or tried to learn how to read cards, I wouldn't have been able to be where I am today. You won’t know what you like unless you try everything out. If you think something is interesting, give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll know it isn’t for you, but at least try it out a couple of times and see if it sticks. Continue to try new things until something sticks.

Don’t Follow Others Dreams

I decided to quit my day job with a cell phone company and focus on building a career in makeup. For a few years after starting my makeup career, I had a close family member who would still tell people that I worked in telecommunications. She wouldn't mention the fact that I was trying to build my own business as a makeup artist. Whether it's true or not, it always seemed like she never really felt like it was a "real job" until I made it a "real job" and I took it seriously enough to be sought after for my work. Same with my intuitiveness. I still think she doesn't believe how psychic I am. Being true to who you are won’t always line up with what you, your family, or friends envisioned, and while some people in your life might want you to follow in their footsteps, if that goal doesn’t interest you, then you need to find what you want to do. It’s your life, nobody else’s and while there may be pressure to follow the dreams that others have for you, if you don’t do what you want, you’ll only end up with regret and disappointment.

Be Patient

Your perfect calling isn't going just to hit you on the head. It’s going to take time and a fair amount of trial and error before you find what fits. By spending time on yourself and finding out what makes you happy, you’ll gain the reward of knowing how to fulfill yourself and avoid disappointment. It's taken me 20+ years of working towards where I am today with my esoteric/metaphysical work and 10+ years with my makeup work. When I first started getting into astrology and tarot, I was 18 and just reading the books on the shelf of my weekend job at a local crystal shop. I felt drawn to this stuff since I was little, and I even put it away for years because I wanted to fit in and so desperately wanted people to like me. So, I kept all of that hidden or I wouldn't talk about it at all because I wanted to seem "normal" to those that I was trying to fit in with. Little did I know, I'd build an entire community and business around those very interests that I tried to keep to myself.

Remember, your purpose may evolve over time, and that’s perfectly okay. Embrace the process, stay open to new experiences, and trust that each step brings you closer to understanding your unique role in this world. Your true purpose is waiting to be discovered, and with dedication and an open heart, you will find it.

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