The Reality Series

A horror twist on real-life scenarios. A collaboration with Mallory Bertrand Photography. 

The Monster Within...

The ins and outs of mental illness can cause you to feel trapped or unable to continue forward. Allowing the monster to be released isn't an option.


Models: Lori Cannon and Leighann word

SFX: Ash Mac

Set Built By Josh Lee 

Mallory Bertrand Photography By Mallory


In this world we live in, kids are told to speak up so that they can be heard, if they see something bad, speak up, when something bad happens, speak up. Yet when they do they are not heard and sometimes things that must be said are never heard.


Models: Olivia R., Aloria B., Lori Cannon

Makeup by Ash Mac

Mallory Bertran Photography

The Epidemic: Choice, Pressure, Disease... The End

PSA* NO DRUGS were used in the making of this set, everything is a prop, and props that look like drugs are fake* This set is based on the realities of drug addiction and the monster it turns you into. You may not have been into drugs, you may have thought "what's the harm of trying it once?"  or you may be a mother/brother/daughter/uncle who became addicted to the pain meds after an accident. Choice? yes, maybe... not sure. Disease? yes, maybe.... some say no. Its the End that you either come back from or you dont.


Model: Lori Cannon, Joshua Ricker, Tyra Von Shade

Spfx makeup By Ash Mac

Mallory Bertran Photography