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Discover the power of healing and self-discovery with Ash Mac as your guide to living a Pretty Hot And Tempting life. Join our incredible community today and meet like-minded friends from all over the country. It's time to explore your spiritual side and embark on a meaningful journey.

The Phat Life Retreat 

Discover Your Inner Power

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Your Mystical Mentor

Ash Mac is a highly intuitive empath and a master at making you feel like you can rule and revel in your life as the beautiful soul that you are. She does this not only with inner light and esoteric knowledge, but also with her passion to uplift and inspire others through self-love and body positivity.
A session with Ash Mac will bring a compassionate and fun light into your life that will allow you to recognize opportunities to build confidence for self-growth and awareness. Her caring and honest spirit will make sure you leave your session with not only clarity and understanding, but also the tools to help you on your journey through her teachings and strong community, The Phat Life Collective.

Let Today Be The Start of Something New...

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