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The Phat Life Retreat 

May 6-8, 2022

Take yourself away to the beautiful Smoky Mountains to be with people who will help you to renew your soul and broaden your spirit. Laugh and create with us as we explore and discover our power together. Are you ready?

What Can You Expect?

Your unique stay is all inclusive of...

*2 nights of luxury accommodations in your choice of a private king suite or a shared room with personal queen bunk bed in our 3 story cabin in Sevierville, TN.

*Kick off party in our private indoor pool with amazing mountain views.

*Soul nourishing gourmet meals prepared on-site with love and intention for all. All food and snacks will be provided including a welcome dinner, a decadent brunch at a table filled with friends, and more.

*Activities and workshops including loving intention based ritual and spellwork meant to help you align with your true self.

*Deep discussions to expand your understanding of many interests including intuition, manifestation, and more.

*Scheduled personal down time for reflection, meditation and journaling.

*Relaxing hot tub time to help you loosen your body’s and spirit’s knots to prepare you for the blessings to come.

*Ceremonial burn and release rituals to help you let go of negativity in your life.


*Take home a swag bag of goodies to commemorate your time with us.

*All amongst the company of new friends and so much more!

Image by Joseph Cantwell

Life can seem like a repetitive cycle of eat, work, sleep, repeat, and the daily grind can fill our minds and bodies with so much stress and negativity.

The Phat Life Retreat was created so our community has a place to get away from that cycle and to de-stress and share a journey of self-discovery with like-minded individuals.


Now envision youself ....enjoying the gorgeous spring views of the Appalachian Mountains from the deck of a luxuriously large cabin...


Chances are you're waiting for the discussions to begin on how to hone your intuition or you're ready to dive into the herbs and spices of the manifestation jars, but one thing is for sure, you are at a place of peace and acceptance, and are filled with the energies of this empowering experience as you laugh with others in the room on similar journeys of self discovery.


While relaxing in the hot tub with the fresh air of the great smoky mountains and indulging in the comforts of gourmet home cooked meals, this experience will allow you to discover your inner power so that you may come home to a more confident version of yourself.


Each moment carefully curated to engage your senses and celebrate your inner power for the incredible person you are. You don't want to miss out!

Come Discover Your Inner Power

Pick Your Accomodations

The Phat Life Retreat

King Suite

Enjoy the social connection with the ability to retire to the privacy of a private suite with your own king sized bed and private bathroom. 

The Phat Life Retreat

Queen Bunk Bed

Share the connection with the ability to grow stronger bonds by sharing a bedroom with your own queen sized bunk bed and shared bathroom. 

Meet  the Team

Ash Mac

Ash Mac is an active mother and member of both her local community and the global community through her work as the founder of The Phat Life. As an astute empath with deep intuition and an ability to manifest goals she has touched hundreds of lives as she has guided them on their spiritual journeys. A session with Ash Mac will bring to light issues you didn’t know you needed to look at within yourself and your life. While those discoveries may not always be comfortable, her caring and honest spirit will make sure you leave her with not only the knowledge you came for but also the tools to help you on your way. Ash Mac is a master at making you feel like you can rule and revel in your life as the beautiful soul that you are. She does this not only with inner light but she is also a master make up artist that can help you feel empowered both on the inside and the outside.

April Thomas

April is an artistic and grounding person with a deep connection to nature and how it can help others along their paths. Her love of plants and their uses allows her to nourish not only the body but also the soul. This conncection to the Earth coupled with her vast knowledge of many beliefs gives her a unique insight. Her calm and perceptive soul has guided her in her own successes as an entrepreneur and has allowed her to manifest her goals while also providing a peaceful light for those around her. Her work within the spiritual and local communities is guided by her wish to see everyone reach their highest self. April is a peaceful and bright soul that will always look to help others first.