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What is Wine and Spirits?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Ok so before I get into what exactly my event, Wine and Spirits, is let me give you a little back story as to how it came about in the first place.

A little history for this mystery...

Makeup artistry is a huge passion of mine but its not the only thing that defines me. Ever since I little I can remember I have always been drawn to the unexplained. Whether it be ghost stories or shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, or my obsession with the full moon. I've always found the paranormal and metaphysical topics so fascinating.

Not to mention that even when I was little I've had so many experiences of unexplained things happen that its hard to brush it off as "just the wind" or coincidences. And I had a few friends that thought it was cool too, especially when I worked at a metaphysical store in the mall, but this back in the late 90s/early 2000s, way before ghost hunting and meditating with sage and crystals were even cool.

Growing up I always felt like I never belonged, and back then as a young adult, I wanted so badly to fit in with the cool kids.

It took one person to tell me that they didn't want to date me because I wasn't as "christian" as he thought I should be to make me close up that part of me and never really want to talk about those interests openly.

As I've grown older and have done some soul searching, I've realized that I can be spiritually inclined with God and the universe and still have these interests. So I started to listen more to what makes me happy. I've learned how to listen to my intuition and really just be me, myself, and I, and I made the decision about a year ago to live my life as authentically as I can and asked God to bring a community for me to belong to.

A few months ago, I put it out on Facebook that I wished I had some friends to sit around with, drink wine, and share our paranormal/metaphysical experiences, questions, and philosophies with, and I had a surprisingly positive response from other's all across the world wishing they had the same.

So that's where wine and spirits comes in!

Hanging out at Wine and Spirits with these beautiful ladies!

So What is Wine and Spirits?

Wine and Spirits is a night in to do just as I mentioned above. Hang out and share common interests in the metaphysical, spiritual, and paranormal.

So far I've held 3 or 4 of these events and each event is a little different, but we've had such a blast sitting around and sharing ideas and stories with snacks and wine. Everyone is welcome as its meant to be a safe space and no judgement zone.

We've also had activities like tarot readings and most recently a full moon ritual/prayer circle which was meant to help release negative things that no longer positively serve our high purposes in life.

Some of that negative release included anger, feelings of not being enough, low self esteem, fear of failure and more.

It was a pretty amazing feeling to be surrounded by a tribe of women with similar interests asking God and the moon to help them let go. For once, I finally felt like I'm in place where I belong and it makes my heart feel so full with love and light.

My mission is life has always been to inspire others to love themselves and each other through self love, beauty, body positivity, and spirituality and Wine and Spirits is becoming an event that allows me to do that in a way that allows me to feel like me.

I'm finally one of the "cool kids" and that I belong and I didn't think that was ever possible.

That's no street lamp, that's the full moon lighting up our night!

Sarah might look evil as she's rocking it out, but I promise she's the nicest person you'll ever meet!

So shout out to the amazing people that have been open to checking this out and have joined this little community of mine.

I love and am incredibly grateful for you all!

If you'd like to be at the next wine and spirits, or want to join a community that will help uplift and inspire you on your journey? Then join my Free community today!

Benefits of joining the Phat Life-

- Be in a safe space with hundreds of uplifting and inspiring life minded individuals from around the world.

- Be able to ask questions about building confidence, learning about new to you topics like astrology, tarot, crystals and more

- Learn how to trust your intuition and manifest positive things in your life

- Hang with me (Ash Mac) in the group!

- and so much more

Click Here to sign up and join The Phat Life!

See you soon!





Unknown member
Aug 27, 2021

Great post thannks


Unknown member
Aug 06, 2021

I love this and I felt the beautiful energy in your messages! I can't wait to meet you all!

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