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Dear Big Girl...

Dear big girl,

I know it can be hard to feel like you fit.

Fit in cute clothes, fit in with smaller friends, fit in seats, planes, and trains. Fit in this ideal of what is beautiful according to society's own narrative.

I've been there. I have pushed and pulled to be seen. I changed myself ever so slightly to hopefully make me more appealing to those that I wanted to be liked by. I sacrificed my peace sometimes for that acceptance.

But can I let you in on a little secret? The moment I decided to be me wholeheartedly and not change to "fit" was the moment that the universe shifted.

I lost touch with friends that I twisted and shifted for. I have no ill-will towards them. I still love them dearly. I just decided instead of pushing for room at their table, I would just build my own table.

I can't express how grateful and blessed I feel for the people that decided to meet me at my table and allowed me to meet them at theirs without having to push and pull to do so. I have never been so comfortable in my own skin or with the relationships that I have in my life as I do now that I know who I am and love all of me, even the imperfections.

So, dear big girl, do what makes you happy. Tell the universe you are ready to build your own table, know your worth and then say yes to the opportunities that light your soul on fire.

From one girl to another. You are more beautiful than you can every dream. Do not let blind men draw your beauty.


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