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What does it mean to Embracing your Emperor and Exploring your Empress?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Life is a series of highs and lows mixed from the good or bad experiences that we encounter everyday. In order to be able to live our lives fully and enjoy each day, we need to find balance within ourselves between our masculine and feminine energies.

In Tarot, the Emperor and Empress are the most active of all the cards. They represent action and movement. The Emperor represents masculine qualities like logic, reasonability, action, etc, while the Empress represents the feminine side and all things associated with it such as emotionality, intuition, creativity, receptiveness etc.

The Emperor is a symbol of leadership, authority, power and control over one's life. He

has been through many battles but has emerged victorious each time because he knows how to use his resources effectively. He is able to make decisions quickly. He will not accept defeat easily, and he always gets what he wants! These qualities make him an excellent leader who can guide others towards their goals by setting an example for them with his own accomplishments.

The Empress represents abundance in all areas: emotional wellbeing (the heart), physical health (the womb) as well as material wealth (the crown). She also represents motherhood which means nurturing children from within yourself before nurturing others. She is compassionate, and kind and holds the courage to be vulnerable to allow for personal and community expansion. These qualities allows her to heal others by healing herself.

Embrace Your Emperor (Vision of the Future)

The Emperor is masculine, active and assertive. Embracing your Emperor is about being in charge of your life, being in control and taking action. The Emperor is a leader who is confident and knows what he wants; he's ambitious, driven and successful. He doesn't wait around for things to happen; he makes them happen!

The Emperor's main goal is responsible for taking action. To take action, we must first make a decision. Shifting your mindset to trust yourself in making the right decisions for the future.

Explore Your Empress (Dreams and Desires)

The Empress is a nurturing, receptive and feminine energy. She represents the energy of love and compassion. She's the mother goddess who accepts all that comes her way with open arms. The Empress is about accepting help from others, allowing them to love you and support you in your journey through life.

The Empress' main goal is to nurture yourself first so that you can then go out into the world and nourish others with your love by being there for them when they need it most.

In order for this process to work properly though, it's important that we understand what exactly "nurturing" means in this context: It means being in touch with ourselves at all times, listening carefully when our hearts speak up (or even if they don't), following our dreams no matter what obstacles stand before us, accepting who we are right now rather than trying too hard to change ourselves into something else, learning how much help other people need before offering assistance without being asked first, and so forth.

Both are needed for balance and both are needed for success.

You might be wondering, "What is the emperor to me?" The emperor represents your ability to lead and make decisions. You can give direction, set goals, and make plans. The empress represents your ability to nurture others by listening carefully and providing support as they go through their own journey of growth or change. Both emperor and empress must work together in balance with each other, those needing to find balance within ourselves. When we are able to balance these energies we are able to create the life that we want instead of living according to someone else's rules or expectations.

In our 2 day Embracing Your Emperor And Exploring Your Empress workshops, we will work with each of these energies that includes guided activities, candid discussions and self-reflection.

These workshops are a powerful way to align your masculine and feminine energies. You will learn how to manifest your dreams, be in charge of your life, take action towards achieving goals, let go of limiting beliefs and have more self love.

The purpose of these workshops is to help individuals embrace their emperor in order to understand how to break down goals for success, but to also discover their inner empress and learn how to use their power in a positive way. This can be especially beneficial for those who are just looking for more self confidence and personal growth.

What People Are Saying

Several people have already had great success with these workshops.

Emily said "I have gone back and forth on how I wanted to do this. I was thinking about just doing my takeaways at each workshop. But, the more I think about it, they have to be done as a whole. Why yes you can take them separately, I feel they are extremely beneficial to be done as a whole... I had no idea what to expect when I first signed up for the first workshop in July. I didn't know what it was going to be or how it was going to relate to my life. During the July workshop I set 2 goals, a short and long term one. The short term took off like crazy, I can't speak too much on what all is going on. If everything works out well it will be my husband's retirement. Due to that and finding myself facing new and unfamiliar ground I took the workshops again in January. Why, you may ask, because I didn't know what to do.

I was unsure about all these new things I was facing and wanted to work on more personal goals vs my family. Boy oh boy, did the universe hear me and ran with it....So do the workshop. You will learn so much, get a kickass support group. Make amazing friends. I have to say thank you Ash Mac and April for putting on these amazing workshops...I'm so happy the Universe bought them into my life. I couldn't ask for a better team to be on my side."

Deidra D. said "While I’m incredibly proud of myself for doing the work and staying dedicated to healing myself, I’m also very aware that I learned things in the workshops with Ash and April, as well as being in The Phat Life Collective, were key tools in beginning this new journey. I’m thankful and humbled to be a part of such an incredible group and to be receiving all the universe meant for me to have, in the time I am meant to have it. I am a living testimonial that the universe is conspiring to help you, and that if you listen and take full advantage of the opportunities given by those around you (and with The Phat Life in particular), you WILL make the life you want happen and be damned happy and healthy doing it." and

Kristie M. said "I’d forgotten my prayer until the Embrace your Emperor and Explore your Empress Workshops, led by Ash Mac and April. I was working through exercises and saw what I was willing to give up to see my prayer come to life. I clearly saw events that were distinct things that led to my hiding; damaged trust, sh!t boundaries, shame and guilt, people pleasing, over giving, anger and resentment, and abject self-judgment.

And you know, I feel like I’ve made Peace with all of it.

They are ALL Wisdom-building experiences. Hiding prevented me from shining my Light fully, showing up for myself, and showing up for who and what I Serve. I serve to empower.

I started going to Phat Life events and joined the Phat Life Collective because, 1, I was invited by a trusted friend, and 2, after each event, I felt more comfortable with not hiding so much. I’m not sure where you are in your life with how you show up (it’s not my business.). But if you have goals (or think you might have goals) for your life and/or your work, you’re looking for support, and you’re in this group, I especially encourage you to participate in as many Phat Life events as you can."

and so many others seeing their own growth after these workshops. If you want to get inspired and start working towards the life you want, come join The Phat Life Collective, and commit to the workshops. Come join our next Embracing your Emperor and Exploring your Empress workshop. Get your tickets now for this and other upcoming workshops and eventsby clicking here.


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